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Welcome to PHPAGI. 

phpagi is a set of PHP classes for use in developing applications with
the Asterisk Gateway Interface, and is licensed under the GNU Lesser
General Public License (see COPYING for terms).

This release (version 2) of the phpagi classes is a significant overhaul
from the old version 1 library.  API functions have been renamed and 

Version 1 of phpagi is no longer supported, but will continue to be
available for historical purposes.  We strongly encourage you to migrate
to this new version.

If you have developed software based around phpagi, we'd like to hear from 
you!  Drop us a note, and indicate whether you'd like us to list your 
application on our website.

 phpagi.php           - The main phpagi class.
 phpagi-asmanager.php - The Asterisk Manager class.
 phpagi-fastagi.php   - FastAGI class.
 phpagi_1.php         - Compatability class for 1.12 release

 docs/                - README files for the classes.
 api-docs/            - API Documentation (html)

 README.phpagi           - The main phpagi README
 README.phpagi-asmanager - The phpagi asterisk manager README
 README.phpagi-fastagi   - phpagi fastagi README
 CHANGELOG               - Change Log.

 phpagi.conf             - An example configuration file for phpagi.
 fastagi.xinetd          - xinetd.conf sample configuration for fastagi


Support for phpagi is available from the project website. 


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